2015a Table Gift Displays


These Broadway entrance displays were created as table gifts for the 2015 NBDCC.

They are a black, clear mirror and red acrylic back pieces, gold painted clear acrylic door handles, with a separate black acrylic marquee studded in crystals.  The gray pvc base mimicks the sidewalk with white acrylic front show signs.

This is an example of a theme-specific display, with 10 units produced.


2015 NBDCC Ninimomo Live Auction


This is Ninimomo’s Live Auction donation for the 2015 NBDCC.  The display created represents New York and Broadway.  The base is gray pvc with an oval purple mirrored acrylic pedestal.  The black pvc back has the New York skyline in clear mirrored acrylic and Ninimomo cut out of white acrylic and backed in purple mirrored acrylic ~ both pieces mounted on raised silver posts.

The doll and display are now in a private collection.


Magia’s Sales Displays


We worked with OOAK doll artists Magia2000 to showcase their dolls for their convention sales events.  They wanted an understated elegance to compliment the elegance of their dolls.  These displays are actually two pieces, each having a black acrylic back piece (lettered in gold with Magia2000) and either a mirrored or milky white insert piece.  For this convention, Magia separated the inserts from the backs, doubling the number of displays available.


For the main front displays, the display back pieces and inserts were left together.