2013 NBDCC Event Centerpiece


This is one of the meal event centerpieces for the 2013 NBDCC.  The displays provided are black matte HDPE base, black acrylic laser-cut garden gate with a milky white acrylic moon that glows when lit from behind, creating a magical effect around the room.

These displays were awarded to one attendee at each table.


2013 NBDCC Ninimomo Raffle Room


This is Ninimomo’s Raffle Room donation for the 2013 NBDCC.  The display created represents a pirate ship’s wheel and is made from gold acrylic ship’s wheel on the bottom layer, black acrylic crossed swords on the middle layer and bronze transparent acrylic on the top layer, embellished with crystals.

The dolls and display are now in a private collection.


2014 NBDCC Magia Live Auction


This is Magia’s Live Auction donation for the 2014 NBDCC.  The display created is made of frosted and black acrylics, using Magia’s new logo in black and white vinyl.  The ‘ladies’ on the left and right sides of the logo are actually black acrylic, mounted an inch in front of the backdrop.

The doll and display are now in a private collection.